How does roucou oil affect your hair and scalp?

hair-and-scalp-care.jpgRoucou oil is extracted from the seeds of the fruit of an Amazon tree. The product is rich in antioxidant substances, beta caroten, acids (salicylic and ellagic), vitamins A and minerals (selenium, magnesium, calcium). It is a red liquid. Roucou oil offers versatile use in cosmetology and medicine as well as in food industry (as a natural dye and aromatic seasoning). It is commonly used in skin and hair care.

When you use roucou oil, watch out for its colourig properties. The product contains a red substance which is used in colouring cooked meats, cheese and margarine. That is why it is recommended to use only a few drops of the cosmetic; we may as well add it to products designed for body skin or hair care. What else should we pay attention to while using roucou oil? The product should be stored in proper conditions so that it can keep its precious properties and ingredients. So, let’s remember to close the bottle tightly and find a place in the kitchen where it won’t be exposed to light, moisture and air.

How does roucou oil affect our hair and scalp? The cosmetic improves the condition both internally and externally. Its major task is protection from free radicals and other impurities of external environment. The product protects hair and scalp from UV radiation and substances included in hair dyes and strong purifying shampoos. Also, it saves hair from hot air of styling tools (dryer, flat iron, curler etc.) thereby it provides hair and scalp with good look and proper condition. Roucou oil prevents pre-mature hair loss and greying. It strengthens hair bulbs and follicles, making strands healthy, strong and shiny. What’s more, the product activates production of melanin which is responsible for hair colour. The oil rebuilds damaged strands and regenerates internal structure of hair. It deeply moisturizes and softens, prevents frizzy and electrified hair, makes blow-drying and brushing easier. Roucou oil doesn’t leave strands weighed down or sticky and doesn’t cause tangles.

Applications should be performed at least twice a week. Then hair should strengthen, restore and reach proper hydration. Roucou oil can be applied to dry and wet hair. The product can also be massaged into the scalp to improve blood circulation and speed up absorption of nutritional ingredients. The cosmetic may also be rubbed into hair ends to prevent them from splitting.