The heart of the Amazon captured in roucou oil

Roucou oil is extracted from small red seeds. The seeds are hidden inside the red prickly armature delivered by the Annato trees. They are found in the forests of North America, Amazon Jungle in particular.

Amazonian Indians still use it in order to protect the skin from the sun and insects. They also colour their body with it as it provides durable and intensively red colour. If we want to take a closer look at annato colouring agent, we don't have to go to the Amazon Jungle in the search of Indians. It's enough to look at Gaugin's painting as the red colouring he used is nothing esle but annato red.

Not only is it a kind of mini-ambassador of tribal and world art but also offers some precious cosmetic properties. Its seeds are the source of precious fatty acids, amino acids, selenium, magnesium, calcium and sucrose.

Roucou oil belongs to the group of the rarest and exotic hair care substances. It’s one of the strongest antioxidants. Roucou oil is the source of valuable elements that work wonders in hair care: magnesium, calcium, selenium, vitamin A and E. If you use it systematically, your hair becomes soft and elastic whereas its keratin structure repairs day by day. What’s the result? Hair is easier to detangle. It’s no longer frizzy or static. Your


Roucou oil is extracted from the seeds of red hairy fruits. It is used in the production of hair conditioning cosmetics. It contains lots of precious ingredients, provides almost instant effects and is very easy to apply. Similarly to other oils, roucou oil can be applied in a few different ways. Obviously, the method of application of the product to the scalp depends on the following factors: length and thickness of hair, type of porosity,


Indeed, natural beauty oils are frequently introduced into hair, skin and fingernail care. Some people prefer products originating from tropical regions, whereas others go for tried and tested solutions that offer them satisfying results. For that reason, the majority of people report being more eager to reach for castor oil than for roucou oil. Why only one of them is better? What do we know about roucou oil? First of all, roucou oil is extracted


Roucou oil is extracted from the seeds of Roucou tree also known as Annatto. The plant is found in South America where the red colouring from its fruit is still used as an insect repellent and sunprotection product. Roucou is also used in the production of cosmetics designed for hair and scalp care. The extract or roucou oil is commonly added to shampoos, conditioners and masks. The oil’s popularity and superb performance is connected with


Roucou oil is extracted from the seeds of the fruit of an Amazon tree. The product is rich in antioxidant substances, beta caroten, acids (salicylic and ellagic), vitamins A and minerals (selenium, magnesium, calcium). It is a red liquid. Roucou oil offers versatile use in cosmetology and medicine as well as in food industry (as a natural dye and aromatic seasoning). It is commonly used in skin and hair care. When you use roucou oil,


It seems interesting that roucou fruit can boast about a tremendous amount of beta carotene which has strong rejuvenating properties. It maintains the production of collagen fibers in our skin. The deficit of these collagen fibers makes the skin lose its thickness and elasticity therefore it accelerates aging process. Beta carotene also rebuilds the damaged collagen fibers in our hair and skin. It deals perfectly with the harmful to our organism UV radiation, namely it hinders photo-aging processes in our skin. Roucou oil, having high concentration of beta carotene, will also have an enourmously beneficial influence on acne skin and the scalp which produces excessive amount of sebum. It's because they normalize the work of sebaceous glands and fight pimples as well as won't let the new ones appear.

Few people are aware that vitamine A included in beta carotene prevents hair loss. It gradually strenthens and stimulates the hair bulbs under the scalp therefore forces them to work. Consequently, our hair starts to grow a bit faster as well as new hairs start to appear in place of the ones that have fallen out. That's why also men who struggle with spot baldness will appreciate roucou oil.

So, if you're looking for "the oil of youth" for your hair and skin, you should definitely try ruby-coloured roucou potion on your hair and skin.