Roucou and other exotic oils in hair care

Roucou oil belongs to the group of the rarest and exotic hair care substances. It’s one of the strongest antioxidants. Roucou oil is the source of valuable elements that work wonders in hair care: magnesium, calcium, selenium, vitamin A and E. If you use it systematically, your hair becomes soft and elastic whereas its keratin structure repairs day by day. What’s the result? Hair is easier to detangle. It’s no longer frizzy or static. Your strands are smooth and luminous, properly hydrated and protected from the sunlight.


Roucou oil isn’t the only exotic oil that achieves success in hair care.

Unusual oils draw our attention. Their names are intriguing because they don’t make us think of any common plants (e.g. contrary to corn oil – well-known and devoid of a mystery). The “unusual” oil (the unusual name) conceals a promise of amazing hair benefits.

There are lots of exotic oils that can boast about vitamins, minerals and fatty acids so powerful that they cannot be compared to any other oils. Cosmetic companies like to reach out for exotic oils to make their products more attractive and intensify their action. Natural oils are most common in hair products because they’re able to precisely fit hair structure thus belong to the group of the best repairing substances.

In the pursuit of exotic hair oils – like the discussed roucou oil or monoi, cupuacu, tamanu – we should reach out for the highest-quality products. The following review presents a few cosmetics that are worth mentioning and contain at least one interesting, oriental oil of exceptional properties.

Nanoil Hair Oil

Beautiful hair with Nanoil Hair OilNanoil is the combination of the knowledge about human hair structure with the rejuvenating and regenerating power of natural substances valued for ages.

Nanoil is not one oil but 3 excellent products (each for different hair type). Nanoil Hair Oil is a blend of top-quality natural oils (different depending on the version) and lots of substances that condition your hair and boost its growth.

Each of the three Nanoil versions is a rich source of natural oils (from 6 to 9 depending on the product) that aim to condition hair with respect to its porosity (or structure). That’s why while choosing Nanoil version you must pay attention to the condition and structure of your hair. Apart from popular and effective oils (argan, coconut, macadamia, jojoba, almond), each Nanoil version includes a few exotic and rare oils. The most unusual ones:

  • Babassu Oil – actually, it’s a rich butter that turns into a fluid at the temperature 24-30 °C. It’s delicate, excellently absorbed and non-overburdening. Enriched with plant sterols, babassu oil quickly and effectively improves scalp and hair condition.
  • Monoi Oil – beautifully fragrant maceration, delivers shine and defrizzes, leaves your hair soft and silky smooth.
  • Cupuacu Oil – thick hair butter, gets fluid after heating up. It’s an unrivalled source of phytosterols that reinforce lipid barrier and help to rebuild damage on the surface of hair.
  • Marula Oil – an African oil, conditions hair and locks in moisture. It provides amazing protection from heat and toxins. Marula oil contains a large quantity of vitamin E and C. African women treat it like a strong rejuvenating elixir.
  • Maracuja Oil – extracted from the seeds of passionfruit. It’s a strong antioxidant that increases elasticity and improves the condition of scalp, inhibits excessive sebum secretion and reduces greasy hair. Maracuja oil facilitates combing and excellently tames unruly strands.

What is more, Nanoil Hair Oil contains two unique, inspired by nature ingredients that stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Beautifying and repairing substances are captured in a fancy bottle: keratin, silk and panthenol enhance natural oils, improve the appearance of your hairdo and deliver strength and health.

Davines Oi Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion

davines-oil-roucouDavines hair brand likes to include exotic roucou oil in its products. The oil is extracted from Blixa Orellana. It’s a thick oil containing a lot of beta carotene. It amazingly rebuilds damaged hair structure and protects your hair against the harmful weather conditions. Roucou oil is also valued for preventing hair fibres from losing density so your hair stays bouncy and full of vitality. Another precious property of roucou oil is slowing down the effects of hair ageing. Strands stop falling out; they are resilient whereas fibres don’t get damaged. It is possible thanks to a large quantity of ellagic acid. Absolute Beautifying Potion is also composed of many synthetic, new generation silicones devised in Davines laboratories. They boost shine and smoothness.

Redken Diamond Oil

redken-diamond-oilComes in a glamorous dark glass bottle. As the name suggests, Redken Diamond Oil is supposed to increase shine so hair glistens like diamonds. Surely, it is possible due to a unique camelina oil containing lots of unsaturated fatty acids. It delivers radiance, moisture and protection by building a microscopic, occlusive layer that brings shine and keeps toxins from penetrating the hair. Redken Oil increases elasticity, prevents breakage, slows down ageing and keeps your hair healthy. Redken Diamond Oil conceals more than one natural oil. There is also apricot seed oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil and sunflower oil. As a result, it’s a great beautifying product.

Kerastase Elixir Utime Oleo-Complexe

kerastase-elixir-ultimeKerastase offers lots of hair oils. Their main task is beautifying and improving hair condition so that it’s easy to style and manageable. A violet Kerastase Elixir Utime Oleo-Complexe is one of the extraordinary oils because it contains a unique pracaxi oil. This version is intended for fine and delicate hair. Its task is taming and protecting fragile hair without weighing it down. It is composed of 4 natural oils: corn, argan, camellia and pracaxi. Coming from Japan, camellia oil works antiseptically in scalp care and keeps toxins from getting into the hair. Pracaxi is a hair oil that is largely responsible for hair repair. It penetrates the hair, helps to rebuild broken disulfide bonds thus keeps hair young and elastic.

Every woman has unique and inimitable hair so while searching for an ideal oil, we should turn to special oil blends. They are likely to include an oil that will make a perfect match with our hair.