If not roucou oil, then what? Nanoil Castor Oil

Indeed, natural beauty oils are frequently introduced into hair, skin and fingernail care. Some people prefer products originating from tropical regions, whereas others go for tried and tested solutions that offer them satisfying results. For that reason, the majority of people report being more eager to reach for castor oil than for roucou oil. Why only one of them is better?

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What do we know about roucou oil?

First of all, roucou oil is extracted from seeds of a tree growing in Amazon Jungle. Secondly, it’s used in beauty and food industry (mainly as a colorant and spice). Thirdly, its consistency is runny and the colour is red (displays coloring properties). Fourthly, roucou oil contains vitamin A, salicylic acid and minerals. Finally, many people claim to use it to take care of their hair and skin.

What makes castor oil better?

Castor oil is famous for being incredibly effective in hair care (including lash and brow hairs). It’s responsible for accelerating growth of hair, adding more body to hair shafts and making the entire hairstyle more voluminous – contrary to roucou oil that isn’t so skillful in boosting hair appearance. Moreover, castor oil offers more uses since it can be introduced into skin and nail care too. Basically, castor oil makes a good agent to remove makeup with and get rid of the excess of sebum as well as other greasy impurities that accumulate on face. Last but not least, castor oil also knows how to take care of the hair, skin and fingernails form the inside and outside.

How does castor oil work?

Natural castor oil is recommended to be used on hair, skin and fingernail. Its effects include:

  • removal of bacteria and fungi that have negative impact on hair, skin and fingernailsnanoil castor oil mini
  • accelerating growth of hair, lashes and brows
  • hair nourishing and reinforcement
  • freeing face from comedones, sebum and makeup
  • moisturizing and lubricating
  • smoothing out, softening and ensuring shine boost
  • damage protection
  • nail regeneration and reinforcement
  • intensifying hair, lashes and brows color

Nanoil Castor Oil: The best for hair, skin and nails

Castor Oil launched by Nanoil is said to be one of the best natural oils to condition hair, skin and nails. Why is it so powerful? Firstly, the oil is 100% organic, unrefined and cold-pressed, which allowed the oil to preserve all its valuable nutrients. Furthermore, this product contains ricinus communis bean oil which is similar to human keratin.

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Five questions about Nanoil Castor Oil

  1. What’s the cost of Nanoil Castor Oil? The cost of Nanoil Castor Oil is low when compared to the oil’s quality, properties and effects.
  2. Where can I buy Nanoil Castor Oil? The easiest way to get Nanoil Castor Oil is through ordering it from the official web site. Click HERE to visit the official store.
  3. How should I store Nanoil Castor Oil? Nanoil Castor Oil should be kept in a cool and dark place.
  4. What’s the size of one bottle of Nanoil Castor Oil? Nanoil Castor Oil holds 50 ml of the pure oil.
  5. How to apply Nanoil Castor Oil? You can make use of the dropper that the oil comes with; it facilitates application of the oil.

Nanoil Castor Oil: Uses

When applied to hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, Nanoil encourages their extension and thickening. Also, it provides reinforcement, miniaturization and shine boost. Furthermore, this natural substance takes care of the hair ends and prevents their splitting and dehydration.

Nanoil Castor Oil can be also used as a makeup remover and a product to unclog skin pores. Because of being rather thick, it’s better to combine Castor Oil with warm water, and rinse thoroughly after massaging into face.

Also fingernails will be conditioned when exposed to Nanoil Castor Oil. This natural beauty oil will leave them glossy and reinforce nail plate along with the adjacent skin. Nanoil Castor Oil can be used in two ways: you either have to rub the oil into fingernails or make hand soak.